Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titanic is back, in 3D

"You Jump, I Jump."

That epic moment when Rose was on the verge of jumping off the majestic Titanic and Jack was there to stop her; that's how they first met.

It's exactly 100 years since Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Well, is Jack real?
Is Rose real?

Honestly, who cares when whatever you're going to experience is going to be one of the most magical, heart-wrenching love story ever made in history. The story of Jack and Rose, on board Titanic's maiden voyage.  In this movie, Jack is a poor artist who won his Titanic ticket by winning in a poker game. He's travelling in 3rd class. Rose, on the other hand, travels in 1st class, a classy young lady who is engaged to a wealthy and powerful man she didn't love.

This beautiful love story brings us back to that fateful day when Titanic, the largest passenger liner at the time of her first sail-off, sank in North Atlantic Ocean and caused the death of 1514 people. On board were thousands of immigrants heading to America to seek a new life and also first class passengers who were millionaires (some with their mistresses OPS)...

Heading off to Golden Village at Plaza Singapura!



I was only 11 years old when I first watched the 3-hour long movie. I used about a box of tissue then. The story is just too beautiful; yet too short. This time, I brought only 3 packets, just in case I poured my heart out to these love birds once more. In the end, I only used 1.

*Applause for my ability to hold back most of my tears*


My 3hr 10minutes in the cinema hall proved to be so worthwhile.

Re-live those moments of the Titanic, now screened in 3D. Which means our beloved Leonardo DeCaprio pops out of the screen so close to you, all you have to do is to churn up your lips and you'll be able to kiss him right in the face.  *blush*

I can relate exceptionally well to the movie, noticing even the cutlery in the background and fashion worn by the characters themselves. They kept the scenes to as realistic as the real Titanic.

When my BDD, Amandashima, brought me to the Titanic artifact exhibition, we learnt so much: stuff used in different classes, the prices, amenities, the structure, information on its passengers(who survived and who did not), the cabins, the coldness of the water etc.

Big screen + 3D = images so realistic that I feel myself on board Titanic, sail-away!
Be prepared to immerse yourself in 3 hours of reality of Titanic: the happiness, the panic, the pain.





The only thing you won't get to see in 3D is the nude body of Kate Winslet. You don't need to see that though. She's gorgeous enough with clothes on.

... Rose lived to an old ripe age, fulfilling all her promises to Jack. These promises made her life even more meaningful, her second chance to live. The time that Jack and Rose spent with each other was so short, but the true love they had for each other was for eternity.

The love story of Titanic filled up the empty space in my heart; now bursting with warmth and full of love; a successful tale created.

I met new friends!
This is Iicy.

Her friend, Bill helped us took this photo OUTSIDE THE TOILET.
Thank you!

I'm going to sing 'My heart will go on' at All About Eve Bar during my next performance this coming Monday!

coming to cinemas in 05 April 2012

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