Friday, October 22, 2010

EXCLUSiVE: World's first 3D digital camera Exposed

The World's first 3D digital Camera Exposed:

Here is the FinePix REAL 3D W3 at the Singapore Expo Electronic Fair, Hall 4.

The stunning 3D debut was introduced in August 2009 as the world's first 3D digital camera. Fully compatible with ALL 3DTVs(*2) if you would love to generate your own 3D photos and play back on your huge 3D TV screen when you get home.

You DO NOT have to put on special 3D glasses to playback the pictures on the camera itself. The generous 3.5" LCD moniter is able to do so for you! From a distance of 2.7m, you will be able to see the background and the people taken in the photo being divided into layers, overlapping one another.

The reason why it is able to do that is because its twin eye camera lenses! They imitate your eyes like vewing objects in different angles and then combining them together. So, the lenses of this camera are roughly 20% further apart so as to maximise the impresson of depth, while still producing a natural-looking images.

I am sorry but you have to see it for yourself by taking a trip down to Expo yourself because the only way to check out these 3D images is to view them from the camera or a HDTV...

It is only $799!!!

Of course, you may still take photographs and videos in 2D with the camera.
The lens is 10megapixel with a lot more functions you can explore!

Click here for more details of its specs and functions.

NOTE: Photos from this point onwards are all taken from the FinePix 3D W3 digicam.

This is the Fujifilm Booth and a studio set-up for you to take 3D photos.
They have only about 300 pieces of hardcopies for their customers everyday.
So be early to avoid disappointment!

The photographs above are all in 3D. You can't see it now because I had used the 2D function to take them down. Miss Rosemary, the advertising and promotions manager, told us that the very first 3D prints photographs were actually done at the Universal Studio. This is the second. So if you hadn't seen the wonders what this camera can do, go down to the Electronics & Sports Expo 2010 from 22-24th October, 11am-9pm, to see it first for yourself!

Here she is, Miss Rosemary Liew. She's a darling.

Hey Tommy and friends, I told you that your photos will appear here right?
My pleasure to be able to take a group photo for you all!
Merry Meet!


The rest of the pictures were taken using MY fujifilm finepix camera!
All 4 bloggers, Yongwei, Jerome, Alvin and I got to experience a 3D photo taking session and we were given these:

A 3D photogaph for each of us developed on the spot.
(which means only 297pcs more open to you all, ops!)

And a brand new Fujifilm Instax mini 7s Instant Camera worth $129, omg!

Where to see the Fujifilm REAL 3D W3:

Singapore Expo Hall 4
Electronics & Sports Expo 2010
22nd-24th October 2010

They are here to snatch the $5 and $99 deals.
I saw a 60plus year old auntie carrying a 19"inch Plasma TV that cost $99 all by herself!
Heard they have been queueing up since 9pm last night!

THANK YOU MISS JOANNE HO-who has also arranged this for us!

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