Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go! Go! Singapore!

The Making of the Go! GO! Singapore MV was a fruitful one.
Bubble-my toy poodle- was there throughout to witness these historical moments.

The group of 4- Hpility, Kenneth, Danial and I went to several famous Singapore spots for the video:

The Helix bridge,
One Fullerton,
On board the hippo tour bus,
The Merlion Park,
Marina Barrage.

The rain has been pouring like a running tap for the past few days. By the time it was the day for our filming, the sky was a clear blue, and the sun was scorching HOT!

As directed by Hpility, his video theme was running and walking around in a bright and sunny Singapore- God of Weather was on our side! - with a simple dance easy for all Singaporeans to learn and dance along.


There was Hpility and I, filming the walking along Helix Bridge, enjoying the view of the floating platform while singing to the Go!Go! Singapore!! song.

It was burning hot, and Bubble finished his entire bottle of water for the very first time!

Hpility suggesting to Kenneth how he might go about doing his walking moves.

All these while Bubble being a K-po, kept looking at what the four of us were doing and trying to imitate us.

After the filming at the bridge we walked on foot, a good 1 hour, to Marina Barrage, at 12.30pm in the afternoon.

As if the walking wasn't enough to burn off all those cabos, we immediately proceeded to the discussion and learning of Hpility's invented dance steps for the GO! GO! Singapore MV, (while in his shower). I had improvised some of his dance steps.

The irony is, while the entire crew was out in the sun, almost drowned in our own perspiration, Bubble was cosy and comfortable in his 'director seat', overlooking our production. Best of all, there were 4 "nannies-on-duty" making sure he's safe and well taken care of. He must've love it a lot for, he was smiling the entire time! Or was he laughing because he gets to be cool and cosy under the umbrella...

Bubble's 4 Nannies! (kidding)
While we were busy 'working' under the sun, Bubble was busy making friends with and joining the mini birthday celebration they were having.

Talk about being sociable!

See, he even wants to cheer SINGAPORE on! :)

Go! Go! Singapore!!! is a new cheer song released by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) aimed at getting Singaporeans to use their voices to rally behind Team Singapore. Sang by popular Acapella band, Juz-B (From Channel U's Superband), it is a collaboration between the SSC, recording company Ocean Butterflies and members of the public. Read more about it here.

Download the GO!GO! Singapore! song.

At the end of the day, I lost a good 0.8kg and SUNBURNT!!!

Mint's Learning Journey:

Nothing is accomplished without team spirit.
Help is always around if you ever need it.

Do not do filming at 12pm in the afternoon!!!

I enjoyed myself though.

Go Go Singapore!

Here is the end product, edited by Hpility:

Join the Go!Go! Singapore Video Contest like I did.

Good Luck Singapore!

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