Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Positivity Starts With Me!

Life is never a bed full of roses, it's an old cliche. Make the best out of the worst situations, another old cliche to mention. Nevertheless, they are golden phrases which made absolute sense.

Positivity begins with oneself.

Friends asked, "Mint, your life seems so happening. I read your blog and it looks so fun! How did you do that? How come I can't?"

I will tell them that it is because I love every bits and pieces of my life, and I will spend time to enjoy whenever time allows. Then, I give them a wide smile, grinning from one ear to another.

I spend my time indulging in the company of joyous people and things rather than sulking over my broken toothbrush (I can always buy a new one). I praise my puppy when he could do new tricks instead of reprimanding him for the tricks he cannot do. I thank all my friends and family who come down to support my live performance instead of feeling upset over the many empty tables at the pub.

THINK POSITIVE, and positive-thinking starts from within.

Regardless of how bad the scenario might be, I will stand up and try my best to overcome it. Thereafter celebrate the hard work made. Of course, I rant, I cry, I curse and swear whoever tries to ruin my day. But this is all part and parcel of life! Nonetheless, I will wake up to a new day and write a new happy chapter.

School starts tomorrow;
A new learning journey begins.
I will graduate!!!
You all shall be my eye-witnesses.

This is where I need your help:
Show your support by leaving a comment/message here to motivate others as well as for me, will you? Like a 'go go go!' or 'Jia You'. Leave as many as happy messages as you like. I would love to see a positive you starting from today!

Good Night Happy People!
Can''t wait to see all your comments when I open my eyes!!!


Are you a positive person?
Do you wish to know other positive people around you?
What kinds of positive comments do friends in Singapore make?
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  1. Jiayou! Good luck! I will reading your blog for good news on our graduation :D

  2. ^.^ Stay cheerful as always =p I will read your blog occasionally even though I didn't tell you about it =p

    P.S. Heh...Thanks for liking the pics I posted for dinner at chilis, though Raymond wasn't too keen on getting me taking his picture =x

  3. i pray you pass by petrol kiosks often... so u can "jia" as much "you" as you want....

  4. Hello Audrey! Thks for visiting babe!

    The pictures are really great. The place looks really cosy.