Thursday, October 14, 2010

Official Launch Of The National Arts Gallery Open House

Yes, I was invited by to witness this historical moment;
The title of this post says it.
So proud to be a Singaporean!
While waiting for Hpility at City Hall MRT station,
I caught sight of this:
The MRT system was officially opened by Mr Lee Kuan Yew!
His name itself got me all excited.
(FYI, I am someone really patriotic)
Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,
I am here to express my deepest condolences and Sir, get well soon!
How I wish I have the honour to shake his hands and tell him in person how much I love him like my own grandfather.
Back To The National Arts Gallery Open House.

There I was, standing right in front of Singapore's majestic Former Supreme Court.

Click on the picture to visit the official website of National Art Gallery, Singapore.

You know why I love the above photo so much?
Someone in the background has coincidentally pointed at the "National Art Gallery, Singapore".

Taken from The National Art Gallery Website:

The National Art Gallery will be a civic and creative space, established for the enrichment, enjoyment, and engagement of Singaporeans and visitors from all over the world.

With its Southeast Asian focus, the National Art Gallery aims to be accessible to its visitors and users, in physical, intellectual, cultural, social and virtual terms. The National Art Gallery will provide a regional cultural backdrop, broad interpretation framework for understanding Singapore’s culture and heritage in the context of visual arts development in the regional and international arts scene.

In short, if you are someone who loves aesthetics, or if you want to see all the nicest, most aesthetical art pieces, visit the National Arts Gallery, Singapore!

After the launch of the 'Where's Wally?' book, here comes 'Where's Hpility?'

Dr Michael Koh giving his open speech.
He has a great voice.
Like the kind you will only hear from FM radio broadcast.

Colours and more colour ribbons in the air! The Natonal Art Gallery Open House is officially launched by Mr Lui Tuck Yew- Acting Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts.

Guests were invited to take a group photo right in front of the city hall building.
I am a guest and WOHOOO, I got to take a group photo like everyone else!

Macham some big shot,

See, I even get to walk on the red carpet!

Hpility and I went for the Guided Tour by Kelvin thereafter. Everywhere I followed, my jaws dropped and I went 'WOW, look at this!"

As I walk along the corridor from one room to another, I feel myself back travelling back to the black and white era. The tall ceiling, the statues, the cement-coloured walls. I was, indeed, awed by this architectural heritage.

Welcome to the Rotunda Library, a triple volume space encased by a copper dome. It was used to house the library of the supreme court until it moved to the City Hall in the 1980s.

The Court Of Appeal where the heritage benches will be preserved and continue to be used at the Arts Gallery.

Saw the picture of the stairway above my posing picture?
That's the stairway that leads directly to the in-house prison cells.
And that is where the prisoners will come from.
This is what I truly endosed as the stairway up to Heaven and down to Hell.

One of the courtrooms- Court Room 1

Hpility and I took turns to take a photo at the Witness stand.
My firsthand experience standing up there;
if you're lying to court, you'll definitely be so guilty you'll pee in your pants.
It is not who's there, but the presence of Justice-The Aura.

Check out the cool Judge's resting room.
There's an old elevator that leads directly to the carpark for the judge.
This place is about as big as a 4-room flat which comprises of a black sofa set, a conference table, a door that leads directly to the court room, and guess what, a fully equipped toilet!
The last portion we visit has the best view! I can see the entire Marina Bay Sands!
Do you know what I am trying to reach out for at the photo below?
The magnificent Lady Justice!
Hpility's friend- Audrey(if i remember her name correctly)

Come and visit The National Arts Gallery at the Former Supreme Court!

Remember to bring your camera.


The open house is only available this weekend from now-already extended.

Here is an overview of what you'll get to see. click HERE.


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