Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heineken- FEEL it.

Heineken launches fresh look for its can.

Thanks to Alfred and Yongwei's invitation,
Thiang and I were among the first to check out this breakthrough!

Notice what is different about the can yet?
It is the newly designed Heineken can!

The brand has dedicated two years to this design update. The new tactile ink design has so much 'feel' on it now with its unique Heineken-green coloured ink that forms a series of tiny raised dots on the surface, which in turn creates an embross effect.
Now Heineken is more than just the 'Power Of Touch', where you can drink its freshness and literally feel it on the palms of your hands!

To celebrate it, I was invited to OVEREASY at One Fullerton, served with great food
and got to meet up with great people!

This is Calvin Timothy, a food blogger.
Check out his food blog as he introduces you to the 'bestest' food and drinks you can try!

The Highlight of this new product launch:
The Heineken Touch Maze

Challenge yourself and try to find your way through its pitch dark maze, guided only by Heineken tactile dots and their heightened sense of touch.

This is how the maze looks like.
Memorize it so that you won't get lost inside.

This is HOW dark it is.

If you manage to find your way out,you will find yourself at an exclusive Heineken bar at the end of the maze, where you will be able to experience the Heineken Tactile Can.

We were asked to feel any ONE thing in a black box.
I will let you go find out yourself what's in the black boxes, HA-HA!

That's Yongwei and Hpility giving it a 'feel'.

And here's is Thiang taking her turn as well!

We managed to guess the items and got ourselves a complimentary 6 Can-storage carrier + picnic mat + 6cans of the new Heineken!!!

That's not all! We even have pretty babes helping us to take instant photographs at the event!

Well, it can be only Heineken!

The Heineken Touch Maze will be making its way around high-traffic areas in Singapore.

Location and dates:
One Fullerton Atrium (next to Overeasy) 13 to 16 October
Outside Wisma Atria 21 to 31 October
Clarke Quay Central Fountain 5 to 10 November

Opening times:
Sunday to Thursday, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Friday to Saturday, 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Experience the power of touch with the Heineken Tactile Can, which will be launched in 330ml and 500ml variants in Singapore from 1 October 2010 at participating supermarkets, hypermarts and convenience stores.

Wait, I must introduce new blogger friends as well!
Extreme right: Leon, our cute-looking lifestyle blogger who loves photograhy. Visit his blog,

Adrian, his blog is super interesting with all the informative articles and great usage of english! Visit His twitter name is the longest of us all- SuperAdrianMe. (Don't kill me Adrian for saying your loooonnngggg twit name. =p)

Cheers To Heineken!

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