Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice Rockz Cafe

Ice Rockz
is located just outside the entrance between Orchard *Scape Youthpark and the side entrance of Cineleisure. It is a 5-min walk from Somerset MRT Station.

Imagine walking along Orchard Road on a really hot day...
Craving for some brain freezing and refreshing drinks?
Walk over to Ice Rockz to pamper yourself with its unique and cooling drink flavours!

Look at the Drinks' Top Chart,
I got to try the Top 2!

Passion fruit flavour

Sweetest Dragonfruit Juice tasted!

The drinks will be served with toppings as drawn in the drinks menu.
There are 3 toppings which they have mixed and matched for each unique flavours:
Nataz, Jelly and Pearl.

SPECIAL: Real passionfruit were added into the jelly toppings,
guaranteed to refresh your mind!

-Ice Rockz is Definitely Unique-

It serves one-of-a-kind speciality burgers!

The price of each burger is $4.00.

Nasi Lemak Burger
With real nasi lemak rice, peanuts, ikan bilis and cucumber!

Chicken Rice Burger
With real chicken rice taste!

Hello, who says you have to eat chicken rice and nasi lemak with utensils?!
It's proven by Ice Rockz that you don't have too now,
you have even saved up using biodegradeable utensils!

These are the sample size burgers I tried.
Oh yah, did I mention that each burger comes with its own unique sambal and chicken rice chilli sauce?


I even dabao to EVE bar for Wenwei and Long gor!
This is the ACTUAL size of the burger, and it fills up your stomach as good as a normal packet.

By the way, has the guy on the company logo of Ice Rockz rang a bell to you yet?
Look carefully at the logo...

Thumbs up if you've guessed it.
He is none other than our mediacorp celebrity, Zhang Zhen Huan(张振寰)-the boss of Ice Rockz!

He's smiling and pointing at you, yes you!
Come and try Ice Rockz at Orchard SCAPE Youth park. :)

See You There!

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