Tuesday, October 26, 2010

F&N Positivity Challenge- Week 2

School Reopen-Week 2

Description Of School: Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic practises Problem-Based Learning(PBL).

PBL means you get ONE problem for ONE day, and then you will be left behind to solve it with your teammates by doing online/books research. Hints and clues will be prompted by your facilitator during meetings to lead you on the right track. On top of that, a worksheet with questions can be downloaded from your personal student folder which will lead you to find the answers. From the answers, the team have to deduce and propose a possible solution for the problem of the day.

We, the students, have to learn to manage our own time to have lunch and discussions.

That's my lunch, as well as my cousin's;
We're from the same school.

It is definitely not as easy as how people from the 'outside' have perceived our school life to be- relax, chicken-feet, no need tutorials etc. Every morning, we have to start from scratch; with zero knowledge of a particular topic. On the same day, we have to pump in all the knowledge we can through numerous meetings and discussions. Then, with the given dateline on the same day, we have to come up with a presentation which we will present to the facilitator, who will access our work.

Yes. It is that stressful.
Everyday is like FYP day.

We've got a de-stress solution!

Try drinking F&N Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea!


It works!
Look how refresh and happy we are now.

Not to forget to dispose it in the recycling bin.
Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Positive phrase:
You give yourself a break so that you can walk a further distance.

Searching for people who are also drinking the new F&N Seasons Green Tea and guess what I found:

A few friends of my classmate, Nguyen, came in and gave him a packet of oreo plus F&N Season Ice Lemon Green Tea during one of my Java lesson, knowing we have no time for lunch because we were slogging away trying to code our Java Script. So heart-warming!

Another classmate of mine, Melvin, who told me his friend bought 2 of these bottles in the morning while on his way to school. Friends not only care, they share tasty beverage! That's what friends are for.

Now my turn to share something nice with you, my friends.
Join the F&N Facebook now if you haven't.
Participate in their PositiTEA challange and stand a chance to win Golden Village Tickets and also a Samsung Netbook.

Good Luck!

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