Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Argh, Burnt.

Hi Candyce, it's been a year we've met.
I'd really missed you!

My besties, and besties forever!
Without you, Nave and Desmond, Mint is nothing.

I heart MUMMY.
thank you for bringing supporters.
This photo is approved by you de hor.

That was on Monday.

Smart Me.
I had met up with Yongwei and Hpilty at Causeway point to discuss about some filming ideas and production. It was then that I realize i brought paper but not pen.

We then used chilli and fries to brainstorm our ideas.

That was on Sunday.

I can't wait to come home everyday with you greeting me every single time;

Thank you for giving me all the attention and love i needed.

This is EVERY DAY.

A group of kind souls.
Left to right: Jacqueline-Lindsey-Xueling-Chung Hsien(Junxian)

They had helped me looked after my Bubble when I was filmng for the music MV at Marina Barrage.

Thank you, kind souls!

Under the Sorching sun at Marina Barrage at slightly past 1.30pm, there was Bubble, happily and comfortably resting under the protective shade of the umbrella, away from those harmful UV rays, emjoying the coming seabreeze.

On the other hand,
I was not only burnt, but OVERLY LOBSTER-RED SUNBURNT.

I'm experiencing a hell-of-a-kind burning sensation on my bare shoulders now.

next time remind me to bring sunblock ok?!

And this happened,


  1. Hello(: I'm here to leave our names!

    Left to right(:
    -Chung Hsien(Junxian)

    Bubble, so cute! :D

  2. And you all are from NYP right?
    If you have a blog, leave your blog URL and I'll link you up!

    Thanks so much for being Bubble's Nanny!

    PS: you all didn't get sunburnt?

  3. Nope, only me and lindsey are from NYP(:
    Welcome, it's Jacqueline taking care of bubble. Haha(:

    We all get sunburnt, so red. Haha