Monday, October 18, 2010

F&N Seasons Positivity Challenge Part 1

Here's a summary for the week which I've comprised into a photo video.
Read the other posts to know what I've done this week. :)

Not to forget to mention my singing practise session at Eve Bar:

Join the F&N Seasons Facebook Page.
It's FULL of positivity there.
I know because I am one of them!

The Green Tea Sampling Crew is on its way around Singapore.
If you've missed them in Town, East, and West it's okay.
That's because they are heading North this weekend!
Check out their facebook as they enclose the venues to you.

Participate in their F&N Positivity plant plantation .There is a Lucky Draw Promotion which comprises of a weekly draw of 10 pairs of Golden Village Gold Class tickets each week over 6 weeks and a Grand Draw with the winning prize of 1 Samsung N120 Netbook.

Refer to the terms and conditions of the lucky draw.
The Grand Prize winner will be notified on 22nd October 2010.

Still remember how to join the PositiviTEA Plant Plantation activity?
Manual guide is here:

Start to leave positive posts so that
your plant will GROW GROW GROW!

Look at mine! :)

I really love the F&N Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea so much that I am drinking it every other day. 25% less sugar, contains antioxidants with no preservatives and it's a healthier choice! :)

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