Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Mint.Music.Journey] Watch A Funny Singing Audition - The Voice Of Chuiness (Terrible Audition Episode 1)

is when you get to do something you like with a group of like-minded friends!

3 weeks ago, 
Daniel called me up and told me that he, together with some of our classmates, intends to do up a funny clip about terrible singing auditions.

To my surprise, he invited me to join in the fun!

So after one day of major shouting, laughing, playing and plenty of perspiring, 
this video was made:

During the entire process of editing, I kept laughing non-stop.
I really mean NON - STOP.
*laugh until I cry until I laugh*

The vicious cycle continues.

We made it damn chui, didn't we?

Maybe I'm bias towards my classmates but I truly think that they are funny in the video!
It totally brings out the fun and spontaneous side of my classmates; so fun-loving and open-minded.

So blessed to have them contribute to such brilliant ideas which totally made my day. 
My ideas were tooooooooo lame to even be funny. 
It's. just. lame.

P/S: The storyboard which Daniel had prepared was totally different from the final product. The only similarities are perhaps the terrible singing audition idea and the 'problems' of the auditionees.

Anyways, I thought you guys would be curious enough to want to know how Yu Ting (played by Jona) has sang in the clip that made the 'Sibei Lan' Judges stunned like that. 

Here's Yu Ting's rendition of Pu Tong Peng You, the normal speed version:

She did this rendition deliberately for the effect of 'terrible audition'.
Do you still remember we took part in The Ultimate Voice 2013 held by Safra and Jia883 together?

I ought to do her justice here.

Daniel's First Version of Jing Wu Men is too cute but we couldn't use it because our laughter were recorded. One more thing, he was supposed to pretend that his mic got cut off but he forgot about that scene:

In actual fact, Daniel is actually one of the best male singers I've ever known.
He plays the guitar well too:

Saranghae your voice, Daniel!

Meanwhile, Julius was busy helping me took care of Bubble Leong in the living room. 
Meet make-shift Nanny Julius:

Terrible audition

Julius frequently take up roles in Mediacorp dramas.
I manage to catch his recent act in a the TV drama, Jie Mi ( 揭秘), on Channel 8:

Jie Mi

Here's another show on Channel 5, Crime Watch 2013.
Julius re-enacts one of the Ah Bengs at Pioneer Mall in Crimewatch 2013, episode 3:

The chinese version of Crimewatch 2013, episode 3:

Our whatsapp group icon done by Derrick Tham is loved.
The fonts of 'the audition' totally reflects how 'scary' this audition would be if it were REAL:

LOVE YOU, Classmates!
Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.

Terrible audition

In the video, Derrick named himself 自滑 (Zi Hua) which means 'self slippery' in the clip.
He is one of the initiators of our funny audition video.

His actual name is 谭志华 (Tham Zhi Hua), a popular songwriter who has wrote and composed many mandarin songs for veteran artistes like Sam Lee, Fish Leong, Hu Xia and more.

Derrick's most popular song which is a must-sing KTV hit for the longest period of time. It remains a popular choice for contestants of singing contests. Here's Zui Jin by Sam Lee.

Melody and Lyrics: Derrick Tham Zhi Hua

Hui Guo Qu De by Fish Leong
Melody: Derrick Tham Zhi Hua

Xue Zhe Zou by Hu Xia
Melody: Derrick Tham Zhi Hua

I wonder if you've noticed by now that the shirt tag of my top has fallen out.
It's so loose!

XBL productions Terrible audition

Is that good news which means I manage to slim down?

The colours of this sleeveless top reminds me of Christmas…
Oh yah, it's 2 days till December 2013, the Xmas Season!

Year 2013 seriously zoomed pass like nobody's business.

XBL productions Terrible audition

Have you started your Xmas shopping yet?
No time to go shopping?

Don't excuse, online shopping is soooo convenient now and they have all that you need!

this Christmas season!


What did Santa Say?
Ding Ding Ding Dongggggggggggg

XBL productions Terrible audition

No wait.
Santa don't ring door bells la~

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