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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle + Blog Giveaway] Low Kay Hwa Eleventh Novel titled I - Low Kay Hwa Book Review

It's Low Kay Hwa's 11th Novel;
not his usual way of penning his thoughts and expressing himself.

I read the first page and went WOA, so daring ah. Write 'explicit' content sia!

I've read ALL his books because one of my cousins read his novels and last year, I even bought some of my favourites at his book launch (which I lent it to friends and they have yet return them to me. ARGHS what an irritating sight to see my full collection missing some).

His latest novel titled I is a deep reflection about human psychology, a typical university lecture environment in Singapore, our MRT system, traffic jams woes, family ties and office politics.

Interesting, isn't it?

Low Kay Hwa I

Kay Hwa's writing style has totally transformed and that surprises me a lot.
They say a leopard can't change its spot, a writer can't change his writing habits.

Who are we to judge?

Of course, the usual practice of him narrating places in Singapore as accurate to the real venues as possible remains. I like how we can relate easily and visualise real scenarios happening in parts of Singapore as we read along. I can almost 'see' it happening in real life even though the story is fictional.

The last 4 words of this story are 'lived happily ever after' however in my opinion, the storyline of I is a dark one.

A human's conscious, ego and desire…
How far can you stretch yours?
If there were no consequences or your actions, would you kill the person you hate?

Welcome to the inner world of good, evil and neutral.
This psychological thriller explores deep into human nature, sociology, psychology and criminology.

Which explains why I took so long to write this review.
I'm a romance reader and this time round, I had to read thrice to fully understand the whole story (read it as a bedtime story and end up wide awake the whole night in bed thinking about human nature. OPS.)
SIDE NOTE: The social media segment in the novel - the facebook and twitter thing made me burst out laughing!

Obviously, this is a story that wouldn't have made much sense without substantial amount of research.

The amount of effort and all the research done to writing this novel are beyond any words I could describe. When I asked him over dinner that day, he admitted that he has spent more than a year on research alone! Give it up for passion, give it up for this man with a dream - to keep writing for his readers.

I'd keep reading!

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He'd blushed.

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Low Kay Hwa

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