Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Mint.Music.Event] Attend Budweiser 'MADE FOR MUSIC' 2013 Festival On 29 & 30 NOV

Budweiser's ‘MADE FOR MUSIC’ 2013 festival is in SINGAPORE for the very FIRST TIME to support LOCAL MUSIC.

Budweiser Made For Music 2013

This is a 2-day music festival happening at Mansion @Esplanade.
When I received delightful news that I'm going to host this festival,  I screammmm in my bedroom, really scream!

On day 1, there'll be Live performance by local artistes, Tay Kewei, Kevin Lester and Jonathan Leong. Budweiser Singapore has also invited local band, LGF, that performs regularly at Switch, Shuffle and ROCKU weekly.

Their LIVE performance is definitely something you will be excited about, I am!

*Public confession heh-heh*

Listen to LGF's LIVE rendition of Hong Kong's Beyond best hit - Hai Kuo Tian Kong at Switch!

The name Tay Kewei gets me hyped up.
Kewei's crystal clear voice oh her super crystal clear voice…

I can't wait to interview all the them!

If you all have any questions to ask them that day, feel free to drop a comment below and I'd help you! Oh and, please ask sincere questions related to music and maybe get to know a little more about them. Don't post any violating/abusive/rude/offensive questions la else I'll delete them. *I mean it*

Day 2 is the Final Showdown of Budweiser 'MADE FOR MUSIC' 2013 Singing Competition for local budding musicians and singers. Another wonderful platform for these local music talents!

Budweiser Made For Music 2013

EIGHT finalists,who have submitted their works via the Budweiser Singapore Facebook Page, will be chosen to battle it out for the S$3000 Prize! Not only that, the judging panel includes Tay Kewei, Kevin Lester, The Muttons and a representative from S2S recording firm. Hmmm… potential of getting founded maybe?

Their videos can be viewed on

Budweiser Made For Music 2013

Event: Budweiser 'MADE FOR MUSIC' 2013
Date of Event: 29th Nov and 30th Nov 2013
Time: 7.00pm till 10.00pm
Venue: Mansion @ Esplanade
Ticket Price: S$20 nett (inclusive of 2 drinks)
*Club rules apply

Budweiser 'MADE FOR MUSIC' 2013 is supported by COMPASS Singapore and Intune Music.

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