Friday, November 15, 2013

[Mint.Music.Journey] BlogLadies Songwriting By The Beach

BlogLadies BokeXiaoJie

Fif and I are met at the WDA Songwriting Music Program.
We are classmates!

Jingle-writing and writing songs together, we've worked on 2 course projects together.
Even though the course has come to an end, our passion for music and blogging continues.

We met up again 2 weeks ago to Sentosa, found a cosy bench at Coastes and spent the whole afternoon revising our original song together.

We hope to make the song better.

Songwriting by the beach

Songwriting by the beach

Trying to take a picture of the food here. Un-glam.
Songwriting by the beach
Photo courtesy of Fif Phan.

Songwriting by the beach

Songwriting by the beach

Songwriting by the beach

Songwriting by the beach

Songwriting by the beach

I don't know about you but I like to be at different places to get song inspirations.
The place, weather, smell, sight and the people I'm with makes a lot of difference to me.

I enjoy writing what I observe and the ambience inspires my song melodies.
I enjoy small companies.
It's cosy, intimate and that also inspires lyrics and melody. :)

Fif, thank you for being here.
Let's try out different places and write songs together, make this a monthly affair shall we?

A lot of times I feel so helpless.
Helpless that I can't play any instruments and make my songs into proper demos. 
This industry is so competitive and moving so fast. 
People only listen to demos that are as good as those being released into the market now.

The music. The mix. The vocals. the appearance. everything.
All these require the individuals to go through trainings, courses and endless practices. 

I feel myself at the bottom of a pit, trying with all my might to climb out but I've only got limited tools to struggle with. Yes, for someone at the age of 27 and yet not know how to play any musical instruments, a first year taking up a music course to learn from scratch student, I know that I have a long way to go. 

A lot of times I feel disheartened. 
I want and NEED to break out from this limit I've reached. 
I yearn to achieve more.

As much as I am enjoying my everyday life, what I'm doing, what I have.
I know I'm blessed with love and opportunities but sometimes, just sometimes, even I doubt my own capabilities.

A lot of times I wake up asking myself am I really doing these right?

But you know what.
Strive. Learn. Improve. Persevere.

For the people I love.
For the people who believe in me & giving me endless support.
For myself who doesn't want to live in regrets in years to come.

Go Mint, go!

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