Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Hammies

They are syrians and really healthy.
I've been reading up about Hamsters online recently.
There's so much to know!

Hamsters live in the wild desert.
I used to have a Hamster, Kuai Kuai,
which will only wake up in the evenings.
I've always thought he was abnormal.
That was,
until i found out that Syrian hamsters are supposed to be
nocturnal animals.

DD bought a 3-storey hamster cage,
which is like a billion-dollar Villa to them.

The other day we saw a chocolate brown miniature poodle pupppy.
I almost bought it until DD reminded me that we have
no place for a new addition to our family.
We will have to wait until we buy a new apartment few years later.

I will satisfy this desire with my new psp game- Shepherd's Crossing 2;
it's a farm-rearing game.
where i can rear marmots, rabbits, sheeps, chicken and terriers.

you can say I'm officially Farmer Mint now.

Being a maid of a villa is tedious i tell you!
DD and I will spend up to at least 2 hours a day cleaning their cage.
we got the hang of it and the time has been reduced to minimum 1hour.

This is Dai Dai aka dumb dumb.
He will suddenly stare at you when you call him.
And for the next 10min,
he will stay very still regardless of how you try to wave at him.

He's a syrian male.

This is Xiao Dan.
She's a syrian female.

She bites.

Shower Time!

It's a pity we have to seperate the two.
As they are solitary animals,
they'll fight to their deaths.

we tried putting them together when they were younger,
and they managed to sleep soundly together! :)
At least,
they once had a peaceful time.

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