Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

So in love with this Ip Man character.
He is never a dull man although a serious and down-to-earth person.

This movie is a success!

All thanks to his son,
who helped fulfilled his dad's earliest wish
to have his auto-biography made into a movie.
Now there's three.

I really don't know;
Am I in love with Donnie Yen,
Dennis To, Ip Man,
or just these heroic movies?

Maybe a little of each.

In the past,
was it really THIS exhilarating in reality?
If it is,
then I want to live in the past.

Years later,
are we going to make our forefathers' movies as well?
they are heroes too.

Mom is sick.
But a sick mom must still celebrate her birthday.

DD, she and I caught The legend is born: Ip Man, together.
After that we gave her birthday present shared between DD,
my younger brother Raymond, his gf and I.

we need to give her an express computer course.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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