Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live Football

This is a month overdued.
But I MUST blog it down!!!

This is my FIRST and the first of the many times watching a LIVE
soccer match.

Beginner's luck.
A mini tub of Anderson's ice-cream comes along FOC with the first
100 tickets.

The Cheerleaders for the SAF WARRIORS cheering for their Team.
If you think they're loud,
wait until you hear the cheering Band that sat just below them.

Drums, blow horns,
and at least 10+++ men singing at the top of their voices...

The lack of commentation usually heard on TV/Broadcast Radio
is the only bother for beginners like me.
When DD, as well as the other spectators jeered at a foul,
i couldn't catch.

I will watch it again, nevertheless.

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