Thursday, June 24, 2010

Night Out

I want to do this again!
This time with MORE friends I hope.

We can play mahjong,
board games,
BBQ and most of all,
play pranks on one another!

I finally got my camping stuff and
went for our first camp out with DD.

The very first lesson we learnt:
Never believe in 'fireproof' items.

We tried to BBQ with a disposable BBQ pit ON a
fireproof picnic table and,
the table got burnt!

Our $80 table!!!

It's a relief we weren't found on STOMP
titled: I saw some campers burn their table!


The morning sunrise was amazing,
not to forget the mcdonald breakfast we had.

we just bought another portable fan which runs on batteries.

You should buy one too if ever you get a tent.
It should be FIRST on the list!

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