Monday, June 28, 2010


My weekends are never boring!
I've got a great planner who will never waste weekends idling at home.

Which explains why I never seem to have time for blogging.

We spent a good old 5hours from 2pm to 7pm,
packing and rearranging his bedroom.
I should have taken the photo before we started packing.

You should've seen the tremendous difference!

I felt that the unpacked room was beyond camera-friendly:
worn clothes, boxes of unwanted stuff, endless plastic bags laid on the floor,
waste papers and documents accumulating in the shelves and cabinets,
dusty baskets, expired bottles, unused stationeries
and books that had turned all yellow.

The boxes and plastic bags were stacked so high,
it covered most of the bedroom window.
There were layers of dust behind the shelves and boxes.

They were all being reduced to the minimum
and classified into various drawers by the end of the day.
Even the old computer moniter is thrown away
and changed into a new hp pavilion flat screen moniter.

DD commented that he looks as if he had a new bedroom!

i'll say it's not that DD has too many things in the bedroom.
He just didn't group them properly into their respective drawers.
which was the main reason why we didn't even have a decent place to walk.

Three garage bags, old and unwanted electronics,
2 boxes of papers, magazines and documents were being discarded.

We're still deciding where to hang this jigsaw of my fav cartoon character, Stitch.

The 'new' bedroom!

It still can be improved.
But I tell you honestly,
I am really proud of my DD who bothered to pack his room after so long!

At least,
he will not say this anymore,
"I remembered I put it somewhere..."

The most satisfying thing I got from it.
Lots of excercise over doing household chores,
and to get to see alot of DD's past photos, certificates,
past items like toys he used to play, people he used to meet,
things he used to do etc.

He used to be so skinny!!!

I'm looking forward to the things we'll be doing next weekend.

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