Friday, June 4, 2010

That Place I love

Once again,
it's as if the facebook is down.
Or is it this lousy desktop?!

I cannot seem to upload my zoo photos,
genting photos, mother's day photos,
and lots of other photos!

I'm meeting Nave for lunch later.

First of all,
once again I finally made time to BLOG.
I finally have time to hang out with my loved ones.
I finally get to see my two adorable little cousins and
spent time with them, BOTH.

I'm finally back to the lifestyle where its pace is
just right for me.

These two months have been crazy!
I don't even have time to eat and sleep.
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work and more work!
Having ONE full time job is already a nightmare,
think about TWO.


To loosen things up,
DD accompanied to the zoo that weekday.
And yes,
I really so badly needed it!

Not the endless phonecalls though.
everyone calls about work throughout my trip.

The tortoises in a great shape!

The lemus were just 10cm away from me,

having their hi-tea.

The baboons holding a conference meeting when I visited.

The elephants taking their afternoon naps.

The white tigers having their fair share of whole chickens.

The roos at their token feeding session at $5 per feed.

And not to forget the polar bears chilling under the shades.


DD and I combed the entire Singapore Zoological Garden the entire day.

we planned to loan the electronic 'seat rider' but it's freaking $35 per vehicle !!!

We decided to take the tram ride,
and waited for the 'Ah Meng' ferry ride instead.

The one we are holding is a genuine moniter lizard skin,

skinned alive.

I didn't manage to see the sloth, which was a pity.

How come the zoo has no koala bears and pandas????!!!


DD and I got our PSP 3000 yesterday! :)

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