Friday, October 9, 2009

Walk away...

The day you walk away,
and told me in your nonchalant tone that you don't love me anymore...
I felt an overwhelming pain slashing into every blood vessels,
leaving me bleeding profusely.

There was a hole created in the centre of my heart,
with burning edges that crumple up everytime an image of you flash across my mind.
The hole grew bigger and bigger,
until it engulfed my entire heart.

I became liveless,
because i had no heart anymore.
I was pale-white,
because the heart wasn't there to pump blood to my once rosy cheeks.
I had no heartbeats,
no emotions;
i was colourless...

I spent 15minute laying very still in the water.
I let the warmth of the sun penetrate through every inch of my body.
It felt calm;
i've found replacement of the warmth i lack of after 8 long months.

I swam endless laps,
cutting through the stone-like water.
until my muscles cannot bring me any further.
I was out of breath.
And for that instance,
i was relieved that i concentrated on catching my breath back
instead of missing him.

I want to do that again every now and then,
though the muscle aches aren't worthy for.

The day you walk away,
the pain beyond describable;
nevertheless, i did not blame,
i thought how foolish i was to let you walk off.

I realize,
I had grown a little again.
Loving you made me grow up even more beautifully.

One day,
i will heal and recover,
i will mature and become more understanding.
i will be more beautiful, and so will my life be;
with or without you by my side...

I ponder upon this,
will i ever leave such an impact on you?
What will you do if i walk out on you now, this very minute,
And tell you that i never want to love you anymore?

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