Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Virus

I hate that sickly taste in my taste buds.
That kind of dry and salty rainwater kind of taste...

The green phlegm,
sore and dry throat,
fatique aches all over the body,
feverish forehead,
the timebombs look alike pimples,
the hot and cold temperature...

I cannot fall sick!

I have school this week,
I need to finish my recordings by friday,
My slideshow is not done.
I need to work!!!!


Hello Mr Virus,
you came at the wrong time.
I cannot afford to be heaty now.
I have so many deadlines to meet.

Please go away first?
Why not come back next week???

Was over at Evan's place to oversee the instrumental recordings.
Being able to work with talented people makes my heart flutters.
So i cooked Fu Zhu for the group last night...
My first attempt proves to be successful! :)

I miss CHrissy.
I miss my mamarazzi.
I miss going to Sentosa.
I miss the fun we used to have.
But i'm enjoying the hard work i'm putting in now too.

Dinner time!!!

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