Thursday, October 1, 2009

My little Vain Pot

It's my little vain pot's birthday again!
TO be exact- belated birthday.
He is none other than my little cousin,
Manfred Chua Wei Long.
I call him Xiao Pang(little fatty) which he'll respond somehow...

He and I have a thing in common that bond us together.
We love CAMWHORING to the max~


This is the best photo we took together because he kept moving about.
He's getting really rowdy nowadays.

Forcing him into drinking his milk is... very tiring.

Lucky my sister came in time with his birthday present to lure him;

the floating balloon with his favourite Thomas the train printed on it.

I thought his eyes are going to fall out sooner or later.
He practically got them glued to the balloon on the ceiling!

He finally finished his milk!
And he's damn relieved he did....

He was super amused with himself for letting go of his balloon when i counted to 3.
Self entertainment; i'll call it.

As for my birthday gift for him-a little budget i know,
i treated him to macdonald's happy meal!
He wants the Superman so badly i had to give it to him!

After visiting,
i went for an Audition @ Eng Watt Street.
It's in the middle of Outram and Tiong Bahru.
I heard it's going to be an eight episode docu-drama
that i'm auditioned for.
I thought i've snapped a shot of the Talent Casting Form
but it wasn't found anywhere in my hp folders.
August Production Pte Ltd
Nice working ambience- homely and cosy.
I didn't snap the inside for privacy reasons.

It feels like a home-office concept company to me.
but i dare not ask if someone's leaving there.
And the company culture is so friendly.
Everyone smiles at you,
waves at you, encourages you etc.
It'll be lovely if i ever get to work for that company.

The audition scene was something which i never expect i'll get-

I have to pretend that i miss a very very close friend of mine who has passed away,
to the extend i imagine he came back to see me as a fish/table/cup.
I've to express all my emotions and say whatever i want to say to him.
It wasn't difficult at all;
i have real life experience- My Buddy.

I think he must be helping me in heaven.

Thank you Buddy.
Whatever i said today came from the bottom of my heart. :)

The next scene was even closer to me.

I was to imagine my dad was a drunkard and wants to disown me.
(Only that my real dad is a gambler)
The agony, the pain, the sufferings, the anger and the irony
i felt gush up to my throat at that instance.
There was no need to A.C.T.
thank god.

Wish i get the roles.

I'm looking forward to acting again.


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