Thursday, October 22, 2009

My New Inspiration Room.

My new inspiration room for song composition;
I'm totally isolated.

Maths just totally murdered me in school today.
I'm utterly brain dead.

I practically dragged my feet home,
dropped by the Tao Huay Shop to get a treat for myself.
I passed by the Al-Ameen and
who would I see but my last year's classmates and LIM DAIYU.
I thought i'm the only one being left abandoned in the school.
My face lifted the moment i get to slap Mr Daiyu!
It's been almost a year i've joined them for meals?!
Come on, so long meh....

This is my Lim Daiyu, aka Lao EE.
Chatting with him makes me feel light-hearted again-
camps, outings, craps, jokes, games, fun...

He's riding a bike now;
even so i'm glad he hasn't forgotten me though he has his new bike and friends.
True friends are meant to keep in the pockets and never let go;
unlike Chris Liu Jun Lin.
So much so for 'TWINS FOR LIFE'.

my 'campmate' and student leader partners.
We join school camps and activities together- Fun guy.

Arini is beside him.
the ever sweet loving, soft spoken, nice hair lady.

I don't know whether Sebestian knows i'm snapping him.
But this facial expression really cracks me up.
Sebestian's my ex-classmate.
Too Bad Sean have to leave early.
Otherwise i would've snapped him too!
He's too pretty and fair to be a guy;
I crown him "Mr Pageant"
Hey guys,
thank you for brightening up my routined life.
With such friends around,
who'll feel upset at all?

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