Monday, October 19, 2009

Mint in School.

I went to work at Beds without being notified that i don't need to work-
OUR MR PATRICK SOH didn't put my schedule in.


But then again,
i was okay with that.
I ended up staying to drink with my Da ge,
whom i've not seen for ages,
as well as Ryan, Gary and friends!

And of course,
I get to see my love love- Crystal. :)

I think Fish is a wonderful girl.
She's all bubbly and sweet.
Fish is in black, on the left of the picture below.

My DA GE whom i've not met for almost a year now!
his name is Ray,
and he's a capricornian just like me.
Our birthdays are one day in difference;
his on the 2nd Jan,
and mine 3rd.
However, he's exactly 12years older than me.
In chinese we termed it as 一轮。
And he keep repeating that we have same thinkings;
because our birthdays are of one day difference...
plus "一轮".
He joked that he has upgraded himself to 歌佛,
and i'm still a 歌仙。
and his friend is ‘割皮’。
:) I love his lame jokes.

The person in red is Ryan.
And i finally get to take a picture with him. :)

Yes u heard it,
i'm in school today- my new committment.
I'm having Marketing Module.
and the photos below are an overview of how my classroom looks like,
and how we study...

I won't let you down.

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