Monday, October 26, 2009

i talked too much.

All i remembered yesterday night-
tipsy, puke, Pig Organ Soup and that i talked too much.

*Slap my Mouth*

I could vague recall i was yaking away,
but about what i seriously cannot remember.
After keeping myself for so long,
i'm beginning to miss alot of past activities and friends.

  • Meet up with Wei Da and Ie Liang for L4D,
  • Go up to Andrew house for guitar hero game,
  • Meet up with Shi Hui and Mei Bao for KTV,
  • Chill out with Sim Bin Bin and Chin Kai le.
  • Go over to Johnson's temper to pray and catch up with my temper friends.
  • Visit Ivv's new house together with Yuan Feng.
  • Meet Daiyu to sit his new bike!!!

This blog is gradually filling up with colours.

And I want my everyday to be like that.

I am very blessed with so many wonderful friends around me,

and people who care!!!

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