Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aunt's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best Aunt ever!

My 3 cousins, my sister and I 'cup' money to buy this bag for her;
which she claims it to be fake.
It's authentic okay;
that is, according to the person whom we bought it from....

The zoo is such a place i'll never grow tired of going;
it's no longer a disconsolate place for me.

I love this sign.
This sign was found at the rain forest walk where the false ghisals were.
I think before anyone can throw in the life buoy,
the victim would've been eaten up by the animal!
What an irony!
I was standing at the Elephants of Asia Section when i notice this tower opposite.
That's where my GOLF RANGE IS!

I love the Singapore Zoo and every animals found there;
except the wolves- because they are really damn smelly!

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