Monday, October 5, 2009

My maid does wonders

My Maid can do wonders.

I don't know how to did it,
but somehow my bag looks as good as new again;

i don't how she always manage to iron out our 100% crumpled-free clothes,
or keep the book shelves so tidy,
or stack up the leftover food in the fridge so that it's easily found,
cook really really yummy food
and my waredrobe is really cleaned out!

I am dumbfounded.

Is she a magician or what?!
With the use of her magic wand,
she can wave the rubbish goodbye,
the boxes will arrange themselves according to their sizes,
even dust particles have to run for their lives.

The food and stuff in the house accumulated to over 10 years.

She's gotten them all sort out, miraculously.

The battle between cleanliness and dirtiness;

It's needless to say who won...

Auntie Ika,

you do wonders...


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