Friday, October 2, 2009

After the long ride

After the audition,
i took bus rides home that lasted for about 2.5hrs,
It's been awhile I did this.

I used to take endless bus rides whenever i'm feeling down,
or need a place to set my thinkings right again.
I remembered when i was in Secondary School,
and my home was in woodlands back then-
i would take 5hours just to reach home.

The bus rides i took tonight inspired me to write a new song-
The faraway Bus stop(遥远的巴士站)
Looks like i'll have to take more bus rides soon.

The only 2 things i'm frustrated about;
my student ez-link card cannot work anymore of the new card system.
next i need to keep getting down from the bus i'm taking;
in order to rush to the nearest toilet due to tummy upset.

Thoughts on the bus:

Concentrate on my songs, singing, acting, teaching, dancing- my passion and career.
And don't think about all these loving stuff.
I will know that i can make me rejoice myself.
Contradicting, yet so true.
I'm a horrible perfectionist.

I'm a workaholic,
I am practically a robot in a living body,
a zombie with heartbeats.
I know.
All These are so frustrating.

That explains the long bus rides again...
I know,
when i'm frustrated, i think i'll eat gummi bears;
At least i know they can't fight back when i bite their heads off.
That's that.

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