Friday, October 2, 2009


Pathetically, this is how i feel today,

and perhaps much more it's not just a drizzle;

more likely a tragic thunderstorm.

I cannot remembered the content of my dream at all;

one thing for sure i've definitely dreamt of him.

Every night, i pray that one day,

I'll be able to be in his arms, warm and loving.

I want to see him smile at me like he used to-my personal sunshine.

I want to hear him say that he loves me again.

I want to see his playful side when he wrestle with me,

snuggle up to me in the cold nights,

watch dvds, chill out @ Yishun Dam

and listen to music we love together until we fall asleep.

To date, i know this day is never going to come anymore.

I heaved a sigh-my heart feels so swollen and numb.

i won't be able to see or hear from him ever again,

a forced choice i had to make.

For the rest of the days to come,

just let me continue to cry in bed,

until one day i feel sorry for myself,

and decided to give up.

Maybe till then i will, or in other words, my heart will,

get well again...


i know you can take good care of yourself without me.

nevertheless i still worry at all times.

Eat your meals on time, don't work too hard on yourself.

you'll achieve high in life, i strongly believe.

Marry an understanding wife who will bear you lively children.

I would be blessed to feel you holding your genuine smile,

walking down the aisle with the love of your life,

to create your dream of complete family and financial stability.

From somewhere out there, i'll be here, grinning for you that you've made it that far.

Knowing you're doing that well will be enough, enough to keep me breathing on this earth...


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