Saturday, October 17, 2009


Friday was a fulfilling day for me.
I finally got those school admin stuff settled;
so pleased with myself.

I'm going to school on MONDAY peeps!

My Sayang is sick and i intended to bring porridge to him.
But i guess he must've overslept and didn't pick up my call.
i headed home.

Lady Luck must be on my side.
The moment i reached home,
I receive another phonecall from my dearest MeiBao,
she hopes that i can go down to her place for an audition @ Bugis.

I reached there in a flash- something to do finally.
I didn't manage to get the job though because the other girl looks more like the movie character.

The audition was to choose a female to mimmick the female lead in the movie 'Donah',
in various cinemas during the weekends.
We have to wear bloody clothes and act psychotic.

I didn't get the deal.
However i got another acting deal for today as an office lady.
I turned it down for Golf and Music.

After the Audition,
I met up with Evan at Bugis Junction for dinner.
We had Mos Burger.
Then we shopped around for clothes
and we accompanied Wei Jie for dinner after his work.
Sayang is so sweet.
Though he's sick,
he came down just to fetch me home.
He even gave Evan a ride back.
We ended up chilling at Bedok Jetty.
There were sand castles built near the shore of Bedok Hawker Centre.

Although most were incomplete,
they were beautiful... :)

Happy Deepavali, dey.

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