Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yuki Yaki + Neverland

It is Aunt Irene's Birthday!

To celebrate this 'festive',
(what a word to use)
Uncle treated the whole family to Yuki Yaki @ Marina Square.
We had to wait for almost an hour before we get a table.

This is only one of the few rounds of food we ate:
steamboat, bbq, sushi, ready food etc.

I enjoy eating with people who can FEAST;
like as if they're eating for revenge.
We ate to our heart's content!
Wonder why the photo below has this overexposed effect?
It's because when Jia Xin and I took this picture,
it just so happen that the lens of my camera was hindered by the smoke from the steamboat.

My beloved JiaXin and I. :)
Jia Ning really likes to do the peace sign very much.
Jia qi on the otherhand,
loves to takes photo showing herself eating.
By the way,
they are not twins.

The finale of eating this whole Yuki Yaki,
according to JiaNing,
is because you get to 'fry' your own ice cream!
And i've never eaten so much ice cream in my whole life-
Okay, maybe Ben and Jerry's.


I probably need to jog 30 rounds around the condo in order to burn the amount of food i ate.
After dinner,
i went over to meet Sister Crystal at Lau Pat Sat.
She was H.O.T.
She wore a violet short dress that complimented her fair complexion,
and that dress revealed her entire back.
There's this band jamming in the middle of the complex,
and they're really good.
Crystal was like saying it's a pity such angelic voices perform in kopitiams.
But i think likewise.
Kopitiam is a universal place.
And customers will definitely stay to listen to you sing;
the reason being you are having your meals there.

The Queue outside Butter Factory totally drowned my mood to club.
I waited for over an hour and i've not even reached half the line.

Crystal, her friends and I later decides to go Neverland instead.
And we get to see thai girls danced when they were wrapped in towels!
I was looking forward to see them remove their towels.
But it was disappointing when they all wore colourful shorts and white tubes.
They should've wore something slightly exortic and black,
like the singers there.
White tubes and colourful shorts are such turn-offs.

Regardless of where i go,
at least Crystal was there to make my day.
She kept me company by playing dice with me.
I won her a few rounds due to luck.
To be thankful,
i planted her a kiss as her reward.

I went back early because i wasn't really in the right mood;
i didn't get to dance or sing as i've planned.
It was disappointing...

This is the 2nd time i tried going to Butter Factory but didn't get to go in.


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