Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My Very first composed song recording is uploaded.
Its very beautiful- well to me it is;
The reason not because it's my song.
it's OUR song- A song made by Flutter Music.

And our Mr Pianist is such a perfectionist (like me),
he thinks he want to re-record the pianio part again.
However, i think it's really really well done already!

The simpler this song is,
the more touching and heart warming it is.

依靠- A song written for especially for someone very special to me.

An overdue photo JOey send to me.
I've almost forgotten about this photo until i saw it in my email this afternoon.
It was taken the other day at Downtown East. :)

Now that i'm running a high fever of 39.6 degree celcius,
I wish even more that he's by my side with me.
When a person's weak,
you'll tend to think of the other person who's supposed to give you the support you want..
It's agonising yet,
you can't do anything about it.

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