Monday, October 12, 2009

The F-word

A Tribute to Desmond Wong:
The origin of the F-word.

There are a few different stories,
which one do you believe in most?

an email contributed by T. McInnis, 22 March 2001

In ancient England a person could not have sex
unless you had consent of the King (unless you were in the Royal Family).
When anyone wanted to have a baby,
they got consent of the King,
the King gave them a placard that they hung on their door while they were having sex.

The placard had F.*.*.*. (Fornication Under Consent of the King) on it- an acroynm.

From a Usenet posting, 1 November 1990

The word fuck comes from colonial times,
when someone would be punished for 'prostitution'
It was an acronym for the words
'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge'
FUCK was written on the stocks that held these criminals

because For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was too long to go on the stocks.

A letter published in Playboy magazine in 1970

My friend claims that the word fuck originated in the 15th Century,
when a married couple needed permission from the king to procreate.
Hence, Fornication Under Consent of the King.

I maintain that it's an acronym of a law term used in the 1500s
that referred to rape as Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge."

FOUR(most uncommon):
An underground newspaper called the East Village Other published this version in 1967

It's not commonly known that the word "fuck",
originated as a medical diagnostic notation
on the documests of soldiers in the British Imperial Army.

When a soldier reported sick
and was found to have V.D.,
the abbreviation F.U.C.K. was stamped on his documents.
It was the acroynm for "Found Under Carnal Knowledge."

  • Fornication Under Consent of The King
  • For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
  • Forced Unatural Carnal Knowledge
  • Found Under Carnal Knowledge

Which one is most convincing to you?! Hehe....

I've also found a video here that talks about the Fuck Dissertation.
Here is a thorough thesis on the word 'fuck'.


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  1. Love that video. Thanks for sharing all the possible etymology of the F word.