Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dreaming Of You

I dreamt...
that i went to my friend's bungalow for a slumber party.
It was already night.
Her next door neighbour was a Medium.

i decided to walk into the house and take a look.
There, at the alter,
was a talking Guan Yin Statue- real life.

I shook with anxiety that i could ask her anything i want.
After lighting up my given joss stick,
I told her the prayers that i've been repeating in real life.

She said she had something to tell me,
and that is Linder and I are not suitable for each other based on our zodiac signs.
He is born in the year of a sheep and I, the year of an ox.
(But in reality, Linder is born in the year of the Rat!)

she then warned me not to trust zodiac signs too much
because many interpreters in the real world are fakes...
They can't really tell much about my life to me.
Also, many couples in this world do not depend on suitability based on zodiac signs itself.
You have to look at the timings we were born in, palmistry and our lives.

She suggested that I should believe in my sincerity,
& the strength of my love from the heart instead.

She finished off by asking,
"Is he 3,6,9 years older than you?"

"No. he is 2 years. In terms of chinese age, he is 1year older."

"Excellent. As long as he's not 3,6,9 years older than you.
Everything between the two of u will work out just fine."
She seemed contented as she smiled her motherly smile at me.

After thanking her wise advice,
my friend walked me to a swimming pool nearby
with lots of children playing in the water.
I smile as he told me not to worry because one day,
i'm going to have my own children playing in the pool too.
I cannot tell who the figure is, for i've never met him before;
(the 'friend' in my dream.)

I was awoken by thunder after that.

What a weird dream.
The guanyin statue came alive.
The 'friend' who said i'm going to have children.

Is it the doings of my subconscious mind,
or did Mother Guanyin really came into my dream?

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