Monday, October 12, 2009

Mint made this CD with Love...

WARNING: This post is going to be Words-heavy cum Image-heavy.

When i never blogged for 3 whole days,
this is what happens... :p

I had started making a CD for Him about 2months ago.

Now that the CD's printed out,
and it looks really really decent and those sold in CD ramas,
I'm very satisfied and contented.

Awarded myself a piece of blueberry cheesecake the other day.

I really really pushed myself to the MAX.
Although i lost my voice,
the strength of love gave me the power to perservere and despite
my hurting throat, i managed to finish recording the last 3 songs!
Love made me walked this far...
I thank goddess of Mercy for helping me.

Wen Wei told me that his mother had said i
have special affinity with the Goddess of Mercy
because i always dream of her. :)
It's true.
I look upon her as if she's my true mother.

I reached home at almost 9am in the morning for Flutter Music.
Jumped right into bed without a shower.

I woke up again in fright at 2plus;
i haven't been able to sleep well because of the CD making.
Pimples outbreak, eyebags, dark rings, Cough, blocked nose etc.
Despite that, i went for my golf lesson.
I simply swallowed the flu pill and went ahead.

Jeffery said I did well for the day!
I really make an effort to swing the hell of my life okieeeee...
After golf lesson,
uncle drove us all to Bt Timah for dinner.
I seriously didn't want to trouble him to send me home.
So i went along with them...
And i didn't regret!

The hawker centre is just next to Kor's house;
but too bad Kor was in KL.
I called him and he's with Sheena in KL.
i would've met him up if he's home...

Went to sunshine place near Bugis to get my CD printed.
I practically dragged Evan along because i wanted him to help me
in case i jeopadised any of my images and photos.

Before that i prayed at the Goddess of Mercy temple to make sure
she blessed our trip a successful one.
Also to tell her about the dream of her and i will heed her advice. :)
We were SOOOO really lucky!

We found.......
the only shop that PRINTS images on the CD instead of label making
and pasting them on the CD itself.

Next, we were noticed by the boss himself- Eugene Ko;
he has intentions of assigning some projects for both Evan and I
to write songs, host some weddings or help him in anyway if he needs it.
So, this might become out sideline!!!

They've never done song booklets before, but due to passion Eugene stayed back to help me with my booklet even though Sunday was their off day... We really trial and error the lyrics booklet printing. Evan and I D.I.Y so much stuff.

From the editing of the images on office words,
buying of the quality paper to print,
to stapling and binding the booklet together.
We spent almost 4hours in the shop.
And seriously,
God is really on our side.
We managed to complete everything!
We even manage to find the double-sided CD jewel case @ Simlim square!
The ONLY pathetic shop that shells it in bundles of 10 on the 5th level.

However we only needed ONE.
We still bought it, of course.
And guess what?!
Eugene wanted to buy the rest 9 cases from us because he needs it!!!!!!
Aren't we lucky chaps!

The picture below is Eugene's shop.
If you need to customised your own CD,
come here! It's at sunshine plaza level 1- Hot Source.

Eugene is really really a very nice man;
patient, interesting and has a sense of humour.


I wrote and composed 3 of the songs myself...


Love this Milk tea!!!

This was the FU ZHU i made for the guys @ FLutter Music.

:) Mint work hard, Flutter Music too!

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