Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gege's Residence

I attended his house warming party yesterday on Mid-Autumn Festival.

Guess what?
i've a new hideout place now!

The furnishings @ his residence are mostly D.I.Y.
DIYs is a clever way of attaining closer bonding between the couple too!
Linder used to tell me how he wanted his house to look like,
how he wants to furnish his, and all;
so man.

Gege is a all grown up man now.
Supporting his own place,
starting his own family,
something he's been talking about donkey years ago
and i can tell he really work very hard for it.
There'll be more coming up very very soon-
it's all about the age thing, you know.

I look forward to mine.
But not now yet...
I've not found my Mr Right.

This sign below really caught my attention.
SO cute!!!

His cosy little bedroom!

Gege DIYed this study table from Ikea.
How smart!

Loved his spray painted walls!
The kitchen, washrooms are all done up like this!

My house warming gift-
Jacob Creek's Sparkling Rose Champange.
I wonder Gege and his friends would love it....

The best place in town- Mahjong Room!
Linder would really love this place, very very much.

THe rose designs on the wall is DIYed by Gege's Wife.
She's very aesthetical and creative.
The flowers, stalks and leaves comes separately
however she managed to piece them up into a wonderful wall print like this;
together with Gege of course(in charge of peeling the stickers nia...

See what i mean.
It's beautiful, i mean it.

Met up with the Flutter Music crew for dinner and recording.
W2 gave this to me to cheer me up.
He said,
"i can't give you a live dog. So i'll give u a fake one that speaks.
All i did was 'HEHE' back to him.
Too grateful to say anything.

I asked him why a bulldog on the card
and he shrug his shoulders and said,"don't ask."
He didn't asked why pop this question up though.
Is it fate or what...
Bulldog is Linder's dream dog.
We used to argue over what dog we're going to own.
He said he wanted a bullog and I wanted a toy poodle.
He said he wanted a bulldog and a golden retriever,
i wanted a toy poodle and a husky.
Bulldogs are really so 'pinchable' when they puppies-
Linder and I saw 3 bulldogs on sale @Vivocity; Pet Safari once,
and he can't take his eyes off them for the next hour...

My very first subway meal...
And it had to be a vegetarian set.
However, i enjoyed very much. :)
Will be looking forward to eating 1 month of vegetarian soon.

Quick post @ Flutter Music.
Desmond- our sort of new Crew member who helped with the chords.
YOu want to know the truth?
He's seriously gifted.
You sing something,
he plays it on his guitar with the right chords-
I hope he get rid of his cough very soon-
it's horrible when someone cough like that.
I thought his lungs, throat, intestines might be coughed out or something.

Our technical man + Coffee Boy + editor + producer + pianoist + another gifted talent.
I wonder why nobody ever finds them.
He's our very own, EVAN TIANG.
please pronounce his name correctly-few people does.

I was talking to CJ7 all the way.
that's Evan's Qi Zai.
Makes me think of Cun Jie and wonder how he is.
It's been a long long time i've met up with his friends and him.
And i miss them.

The honey lemon drink that i always drink when i was working @ Bugis Village back then!
Wen wei and I thinks we're going to get a carton of these and stock it up in Evan's house.
Talking about this makes me think of the HOney Lemon Aunties.

I got my own keyboard playing recorded!!!
I can play an instrument!!!!!!!!!!!
i am really, really, really, really, very excited!!!!
You know why i love to work with men.
They never complain.
They just WORK.
They are very focus when it comes to work.
Focus, Serious, Hardworking, Patient....
We worked until 7am in the morning.
you heard it, i said,
7 AM.
All of them must be really tired out.
I guess if i continue to make them work until this timing from 7pm in the evening,
they're not going to let me go to their place anymore...
I'm just overly excited that my own songs are really completed ma...
got to go,
working on the CD covers and MTVs now!
I really don't feel like sleeping.
I just want to keep working on it until i complete it,

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