Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our Maths Facilitator bought pizza for the class.
The entire pizza was gobbled down within seconds- barbarian-like.

Maths was fun.

The aim was to shift the flag onto the right hand of the smiley face;
and the smiley face has to stand upright,
USING Matrix, degree and radian calculations!

I've never felt the air so fresh,
mind so clear,
heart so light
and the sky so blue,
in a long, long time...

My day begun with me
getting down on the correct side of my bed.

I woke up exceptionally early so that
I get a free ride from Uncle to school.
My fav cousin, Jiaxin,and I went to school together.

I met up with her again,
for early lunch together.
We talked alot about her life.

She's growing up.
All the best to you, babe.

Mint is super productive.
I wish everyday is like Today.

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