Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Great great great great!
Yes yes yes yes yes yes!
WOhooo He heeeee!


the sense of satisfaction is beyond describable.
You just can't help but feel very very proud of the end product.
All thanks to Evan for the hardwork to work until now.
Thank you Desmond for the wonderful guitar played.
Thank you Wen Wei for introducing so many great frens to me.
Thank you Jason for the wonderful feedback about the flute.

I gain alot of experience from this journey.

Thank you all,
for making me into some 'vocalist' i never dreamt to be.
I've never ever dreamt that one day,
i'll be able to sit in a car,
and listen to songs i wrote...

Up till now,
i still cannot believe that i wrote all these,
sang all these,
and there's even music to my songs!
It's like a dream come true to me.

Photos to be updated soon!

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