Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Life.

The CD i gave to him marks the true end of this 3 year r/s.
There were no expectations from him,
nor were there any regrets for the things i've done for these 3years.
Just blessings, Happiness, and Relief.

I feel good,
so serene and calm.

Everything begins anew today.
And it will involves NOTHING with Linder anymore.
He is my past.

No doubt,
I will carry the life lessons i learnt everywhere i go,
and think back to the times we used to spent together at times...
all these are not going to hinder my better future,
or even a new r/s with someone else anymore.


New Life,
New Goal,
New Focus.
I'm so looking forward to this!

Oh god,
i've finally unloaded the burden he gave to me.
And i took a whole 7months to do it.
It's a long time,
but i'm still proud of myself.

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