Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yummy Valentine's!

Worried about what to get for your girlfriend on V Day this year?
Troubled that it has clashed with CHinese New Year?!
want a surprise for your boyfriends/sisters in town?

Leave it to the professionals!
Click on the Link now to know more about it!

Valentine's Day is exactly one month away...

Thank you Mr Daiyu,
for the free ride to the tuition centre.
But i really never gain weight.
So don't say i gain weight!!!
(He said it because i was pressing on his bag while he rode)

His dressing today made him look like a scarecrow,
i swear!

See what I meant?!
He does look like a scarecrow!

What a relief,
I've finally gotten the correct disable-right click function script.
My intentions was to be able to click with the left.

Lesson learnt:
If you ever want to edit any html codings,
be careful to save the original copy.
All the better,
save multiple codings,
just in case the new ones don't work.
And also to know where and what codes you've replaced...

So far so bad for an IT student like me.
I am not going into the IT industry in future.

Thank you fetching me back from tuition class.
You're the sweetest!!!

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