Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I went to this Italian Restaurant at Mohd Sultan Road,
a great chill-out place for friends and couples.

The ambience there-you should try it out,
and best of all there is FOOTBALL to watch!
there weren't any cheering crowd.
So you can expect peace and quiet there.

Boost yourself to end your Monday Blues with a smile,
Fresh Oysters for $1 on Monday nights!

Wednesday is even better because it's Ladies' Night,
free pasta and pizza for ALL LADIES.

My first time eating Oysters,
and I ordered a 2nd round!
Imagine how fresh and juicy these oysters are!
If only the oysters could stay fresh enough for more than 30min,
i would've packed 20 back for DD and I!

The Linguine with Lobster and specially-made tomato sauce by Edwin
was Superb!!!

Alvin was telling me that I can really eat for a girl.
I just reckon it's a sin to waste such terrific food.

While i was trying to get the best shot for my linguine,
he couldn't wait anymore and started goobling his plate of pasta.

Here's comes my Oyster Feast-2nd round!!!

Edwin told Alvin and I about this super big lobster that's selling for $300+.
It looked big from within the tank.
I was shocked when Edwin showed me when it's out of the water.
It's TWICE the size- humongous!!!

Aww man...
I really would love to try a bite,
just... one... bite...

Crystal Love and Ben,
Why didn't you guys want to join for dinner in the end?!
You've just missed some great food!!!

All i can say is,

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