Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jane Jane And Crystal Love

Before i knew it,
it's already weekend.

School has reopened,
and the UTs just left me braindead- literally D.E.A.D.
Situation at the tuition centres weren't any better.

Adjusting schedules,
Registration of new students,
report writing,
teaching plans,
preparing and printing of endless worksheets,
running up and down between SHS Hair salon,
Tuition centre and school,

Leaving me with no time to even catch my breathe.
I'm breatheless.
I need a getaway badly,
so badly.

I need it right away if i could get it.

Thank God.
The happiest moments this week was when I worked on Wednesday,
my beloved Jane Jane and Crystal Love were there!
I love them SOooo much!!!

Jane Jane's just back from Hong Kong with my present
and Crystal Love just came back from Korea with my presents too!
Aren't they just simply thoughtful? :)

That's Daniel and Simon.

Mr Yap and his friends dropped by for a drink.

It's been a while I see them- LAST YEAR.

Happy New Year Mr Yap.

Before I know it,
another week will be gone soon.
My weeks are so packed so packed...

I'll drop dead the moment I reach home.
I wish I can blog more.
Maybe in class from now on.


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