Monday, January 4, 2010

A journey I will remember

DD's Itinerary for my 24th Birthday.
(thanks Sis for the correction! Muacks!)

Friday: @Jurong Point watching Avatar,
Then dinner with Lao Pa in Tampines.

Saturday: Tuition in the noon
Xiao Razer's 21st Birthday Bash
Supper with Nave and Des @ Wan Dou Sek

Sunday: Sungei Buloh,
Dinner @ Jurong West Stadium
Cut-caking at his grandma's house with his cousins.

Thank you DD,
I had a happy birthday,
as compared to those for the past 3years. :)
It's your turn in May.


OUr little camwhoring session at the Hortpark before Xiao Razer's Birthday Party starts.

On the Way to Sungei Buloh!

The little special guests at Sungei Buloh: 2 Wonderful Otters at the pond fishing.

The tides that came in didn't stop us from moving forward.

We made it! Clap Clap Clap*

A new life...

DD piggybacked me down from 12m high.

He should exercise. :)

Crocodiles alert!

Love this shot i took! THe moniter lizard looked fierce.

My birthday cake from Prima Deli,

and it's NOT poisonous!

The End of Mint's Birthday Journey.
A new one begins...

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