Thursday, January 28, 2010

The other side of my bed

What goes up must come down.
Everyone of you will definitely experience a bad day once in a blue moon.
You just know it the moment you get out of bed.

I woke up specially early to go to school- 9.20am.
(Usually my wake up time is about 10.30am and later.)
Took an unusually long shower before heading out.

Bought breakfast from near the house
just so i can focus and stay in class to study for my maths instead of squeezing
with other students at the school canteen during lunch breaks.
That's when I realized I forgot to bring my phone.

i dragged my feet back to grab that damn phone.
(it's my aunt's phone because the LCD of my phone blacked out last night')

The time was 11am when i reached school.
I forgot my class for the day!
(My classes are stored in my phone, FYI.)

After 2 tries,
I finally got to the right class- 11.15am.

Guess what my facilitator says?

"I am sorry I have to mark you Absent.
By right you have to hit 80% of the daily attendance in order
for me to mark you late."

"Can you go by left then?"

"I can't. At most I'll mark you present, but give you an 'F', i am sorry."
"But that's equivilant to Absent,Sir."
He excused himself by saying that's the best that could be done.

I headed straight for home.
If I fail this module,
I am going to come back and haunt you, Sir.

I slouched myself comfortably on the couch,
with a new book I'm reading- Not Without My Sister.
I am still feeling grumpy.

Maybe chocolates would cheer me up, i thought.
The M&Ms that Berline gave DD was left on the table.
I tried to unwrap the M&M figurine.
The next thing i know,
colourful M&Ms were everywhere in the kitchen!
The cover of the M&M figurine(the reindeer cap on the head) was loose!

You just can't fight a bad day, can you?
I gave up.

Today is a really Bad day for me.
It just doesn't pay to get up on the wrong side of the bed.
But I could only get out from ONE side- the same side i get down everyday!
(I sleep in the upper bunk of a bunk bed and there's only an accessible ladder on the right)


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