Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taste Of Thailand

I know this is seriously overdued- Sorry TDC peeps!

The dinner was on Saturday, 23rd January 2010.
We went to this Famous Thailand Food Stall,
known to have moved to this location from the old Sembawang Shopping Centre.

it's FULL-HOUSE and we had to wait about 15-20min for our table.
(note that i emphasize on 'USUAL')

Stall name: Taste of Thailand.
Venue: Yishun Industrial Park A Blk 1001.

It's the ONLY food stall that's opened in the canteen during evenings.
I think they'll stop the food orders by 10pm, sometimes even earlier.
Do note that this stall is REALLY strict about this rule.
So as to avoid disappointment,
go early. :)

What's Bernard Looking at???

Yes Yes,
this adorable BABY girl who came with her family sitting at the next table!

She tried to pull her elder brother's hair.
But instead of reprimanding her,
the mother told off the brother,
telling him NOT to disturb her.

their mum told Brother that he's no longer cute like his baby sister.
I felt that the mum shouldn't say things like that.
It's too harsh for the children and
it might hurt their pride.

The food we ordered came in about 10min,
which i considered fast since by the time we sat down,
the food canteen was still 3/4 fulled.

This is one of their 'MUST ORDER':
Thai Style Tom Yam Soup.
Warning: Hold your breathe when you drink it.
It might choke due to its mixture of spicy and sourness.

We finished EVERYTHING!

Clare and I got similar haircuts.
I love her.

This is Bernard and DD!

I would've really loved this shot if it's not too dark.

ANd this too if it's not that Bernard's head got cropped off.

I feel they're like long-term friends to me ,
although it's really not been long we knew each other.

The Dating Challenge;
It's an event I've never regretted participating in.

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