Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Primary School Thing.

Back when you were in Primary School,
Have you ever dreamt that years down the road,
you'll meet up with the classmate sitting next to you again,
but now he/she is all grown up???

It's like a dream come through for me-
My 1st Primary School Gathering after 12 long years,
all thanks to Stewart Chew Car Crush!

Sitting down at Taiwan Xing Wang's Cafe @ Bukit Panjang Plaza,
chatting away with schoolmates who used to be so petite,
the once familiar canteen scenario seem to be on replay...

Before the gathering,
DD and i met up with his friend, Berlin,
who stays near the back gate of My Primary School.
I got ecstatic.
Eventually deciding to walk over for a quick look
and requested for a picture taken there!

My old house is just merely a 10min walk away,
but i wondered why in the past,
i used to take at least 30min just to walk to school and back.
DD suggested that maybe it has something to do with my short legs.


At the gathering,
there were simply just too much to do,
too much information to absorb
and too much to share about!

I wanted to know so much about all of them,
yet new topics were constantly prompted.
Before i knew it,
2hours had already passed.
If only Time would slow down.

A few hours ain't enough,
I reckoned.

This guy with specs-Samuel Gan.
We were in the same class for 2 years,
sitting next to each other:
when we were 6yrs old and in Primary 2.

He used to like to bully me so much!
Tripped me over when i was collecting my worksheets,
pull my hair,
snatch my homework,
erase my writings and i've to do them again etc.

When I first see him again after 12long years,
I felt myself swallowed my breath,
disbelieved that he was the Samuel Gan I knew then!

Of course,
he's no longer pulling my hair,
snatching my worksheets,
nor is he teasing or bullying me.

We had a peaceful catch-up session together. :)

Xin Ru,
she used to be an introvert.
Everytime when i see her in school,
she'll be holding on to her school bag so tightly,
and avoiding crowds.

She's all bubbly and chatty now!

Vivienne- the girl on the extreme left in red,
one of my Walking-Home Kaki.
She's forever with short hair.
I recognise her through her voice and unique accent since i knew her.

She said she can't seem to manage long hair,
so she preferred it short and neat.
She has a head of beautiful and healthy hair...

Happy Birthday Chew Car Crush!
I think Serene Chua gave him this nickname,
Chew Car Crush,
and I've been using it on him since then.

We used to chat on the phone until the wee hours,
gossiped about everything that happened in school.
Though we were never in the same class,
this issue has never affected our phone conversations,
even when one is on MC!

What a special way to celebrate his Birthday,
a gathering with his Primary Schoolmates.

I told her to pose as if she's the birthday girl instead of Stewart.
Looks like it,
doesn't this photo tell?

She was one of the fairest in Primary School,
another walk-home kaki of mine since we stayed near each other.
She's into sailing in her current school-SMU,
and so tanned!!!

I remembered her as who she is,
only darker now.

The guy in red on the right- Jo.
He's another quiet guy around the neighbourhood.
Pleasure to meet up with him again.

He made the effort to reserved tables in the cafe for us all!

Just like two primary school girls taking a photo together,
don't they?

I was telling Samuel and Jo,
that personally,
i feel that majority of our batch girls from BPPS grew up
to be really gorgeous and capable.

BPPS produce high quality stuff!

Ken Yang,
he was in my friendster until I deactivated the account.
But not to fret,
at least we're connected back in Facebook now!

Wei Qin,
i remembered him as Benson's best friend.
And I think he still is.

He's the only one in the group married
and doing his own business.
Good job!

I realised that the hairstyle i'm having now,
is exactly the same one i had in my Primary school years-
only that it's Green now.

No wonder they said i didn't change at all!

A great beginning for 2010.
I love my Primary School Peeps!
I am proud to say that I am from
Bukit Panjang Primary School!

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