Monday, January 25, 2010


I need to go for more KTV sessions, seriously.

After this KTV session on Sunday at South Bridge Road with
my sis, her bf, DD and Bernard,
I tell myself I must go for a minimum of ONE KTV session monthly.

Not only has the stamina of my vocal decreased tremendously,
so has my control over my voice.
When i wanted a particular pitch to be loud,
it turned out soft.
When I want a key to be dragged longer,
it simply faded away.

AS what Nave says,
"Passion, Passion, Passion!
Don't forget it's for the Passion!"

I did enjoyed myself though.
Bernard CAN SING.

Enough Said,
pictures speak louder than words.

Another thing definitely,
I am NOT going to Chinatown to sing anymore.
The traffic sucks,
the routes sucks,
my direction sense sucks there.

I notice the hand of Sis's bf in every photo DD and I took.
(can spot it? It's on the left)

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