Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Arrival of Year 2010

I want to learn how to make this from Kemmy for Chinese New Year.
New Year 2010...
Countdown at BEDS was definitely a wise choice made- i was working.
But had fun more than doing a tough job.

The late party crowd was well, late.
the countdown-spraying, toasting, camwhoring and lucky draw-
was a success to begin the New Year with.

Shawa and Ken- Happy New Year.

Chris - Happy New Year.

Don't slim down pls.

You're slim enough i think.

Ashley, Susanne and Mint- the bunny girls.

I love the ribbon on their 'ears'.

Ben= Happy New Year.

Adrian, Happy new year!

(he Martells were for show only.)

Wen Liang selling spray cans.

this is what i call,

well-prepared for W.A.R.

While everyone was busy celebrating,

a corner of BEDS was busy instant printing photos.

GREAT CONCEPT- may use this on my wedding too. :)

The free photography session.

Miko- Happy New Year!

(love her dress)

10min before 1st January 2010.

Simon and Liang= Happy new year!

WOhoooO!!!! And the time has come!

Saw the fireworks from outside BEDS with Liang and Angeline.

Happy New Year!

Royston 'releasing' balloons into the air for good luck in 2010.

May your blessings and Blessings reached God and blessed all of us.

The after effects- i don't dare to look.

So much clean up to do!

My birthday was not forgotten.

One of my Student drew this Birthday CArd in advanced for me.

I simply adore her. <3

1st day of New Year was spent with DD.

We caught the movie AVATAR together @ Jurong Point.

After that we had dinner with Papa Chia, Auntie Irene and her husband.

Happy New year to all!

Year 2010 is a blessing for us now that the earth is really sick.

Be grateful that you are able to step into the New Year.

Live life to the fullest,

Love life to the max.

Love your life,

and your Life will reward you.

May all wishes come true for my readers!

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