Monday, January 25, 2010

Labrador Park

I went for a morning walk at Labrador Park before heading to my KTV session.
I needed some warmth from the sun!

the resort is no longer there.
However if you're looking for a realy serene,
undisturbed, calming and perfect sea viewing SPA place,
come HERE.

Took a few pictures just so u know what i mean...

Never forsake Education.
DD and I spent about an hour reading the boards along the Labrador Walk.

The war is really harsh. I wish I never have to go to a war.
Neither should my friends and family.
No humans beings deserve this.

Singapore Waters CAN BE BEAUTIFUL.
Visit Labrador Park if you doubt.

From the viewing Deck at the top of Labrador Park,
the entire sea is CLEAR BLUE.

I was telling DD that i found a 'railway track'.
It was meant to be a joke that he didn't get.

So while I was reading on the 'The Evolution of Artillery",
DD got tired of reading and decided to jump around instead.

I love the outdoors,
where what is learnt from our books comes to live!

I caught him red-handed,

Singapore is just a pathetic dot on earth,
but who says it's boring?

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